Formerly known as Janey’s got a gun y Shame on Jane. El personaje se reinventa, tipo Madonna pero más del Conurbano Bonaerense, en forma de blog de cosas.

María Paula es de Buenos Aires pero vive en Berlin y viaja por todos lados por su trabajo. Trabaja para medios de polo en marketing y escribe para varios blogs y revistas.

Gala vive en Barcelona desde Abril y también es de Buenos Aires. Es fotógrafa de moda, y hace también fotos com modelo, entre otras cosas.



Formerly known as Shame on Jane. Jane is reinvented and shameless this time. We are two friends with an eye for the good shit.

María Paula is from Buenos Aires but lives in Berlin and travels a lot. She works for polo media in marketing and journalism, and writes for several media outlets. Gala lives in Barcelona since April and also comes from Buenos Aires. She is a fashion photographer, and model, among other things.

9 thoughts on “ABOUT NO SHAME JANE

  1. I am digging your site… I didn’t even know I was interested in the subject matter you highlight, until I started looking 🙂 now I have new interest! – Have a fabulous weekend. – John


      1. ha not a spammer – sorry I did not articulate – normally I do not fancy fashion as much, but I like the material you highlight in your blog is all I was saying for one. Two I just like your site and I agree you guys have an eye for good shit… that is it.. – Best, John

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